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Launching the EMBODI Integration Group

Dr Sara Tookey

7 Aug 2023

Online integration group & community space: Monthly on the last Wednesday (7pm - 8:30pm BST/GMT). All experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness & experience-seekers welcomed.

This month we are launching The EMBODI Integration Group, a Community Project to support people who are looking to integrate experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness. You can learn more about what "Integration support" is and who it's for on my Integration Therapy Page.

The EMBODI Integration Group is a project that has been months in the making. I am proud to announce this monthly offering, a collaboration between True North Psychology and Physis Integration.

Join us for the first gathering of our new online integration group on 30th of August from 7pm – 8:30pm BST

Experiencers and experience-seekers/ curious welcomed!

Tickets are £15, with concessions at £8. Advance signup is required.


Following on from our launch this will be a monthly offering taking place on the last Wednesday of every month (7pm BST/GMT), running for 90 minutes.


Working in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy and integration, I've become increasingly aware of the vital role community plays in supporting the integration processes.

Recent research has shown the importance of community support in integrating experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness, including psychedelic experiences (e.g. Cowley-Court, et al., 2023). Along with individual integration practices and support, communal practices like sharing experiences, participating in rituals, and receiving mutual understanding also greatly aid in the integration processes.

Research points to an expanded, holistic definition of integration that goes beyond the individual to include a connection with community. This underscores how communities can sustain personal growth during integration by fostering belonging and collective care.

Psychedelic Integration Groups provide a crucial space for individuals to share, process, and integrate their non-ordinary experiences. These groups offer a supportive community that understands the complexities of these journeys and can facilitate growth and healing.

Current offerings are limited across the UK and Europe. With our busy, often transient lives it can be difficult to find the community in the communities where we are. This is why I've collaborated with psychotherapist, visual artist and psychedelic integration specialist, Alessia Chiappino to create the EMBODI Psychedelic Integration Group – an accessible online community.

The EMBODI Integration Group provides a welcoming, non-judgemental space for people to process and integrate psychedelic and other non-ordinary state experiences. By nurturing a supportive community, we hope to create a space for people to connect, share and learn from one-another.

We welcome anyone who has had transformative or challenging psychedelic experiences, is considering psychedelics, or has had non-ordinary states through other means.

Together we will share experiences, offer peer support, and explore integrating insights into life.

Referrals for 1:1 integration or psychedelic-assisted therapy are also available.

*Please be aware that the group does not permit use of psychedelics or other psychoactive drugs during group meetings. Integration works best with a clear mind. In accordance with the law, we neither encourage substance use, provide illicit substances, or referrals to illegal psychedelic services.


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