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About Us

True North Psychology is a values-driven social enterprise. 


Our Story

True North Psychology (TNP) was founded by Dr Sara Tookey in 2020, and was born out of a deep desire to provide therapy that is accessible, inclusive and based on evidence from research, employing only the most effective approaches in therapy.


After spending 13 years training in psychology and psychotherapy, and 10+ years working in the NHS (National Health Service, UK) and private practice, Sara was disturbed by the inequitable nature of private practice services and the growing struggle of the NHS to keep up with the demand for services, where sadly the requirement for mental health services is outgrowing the provision and availability of services.


Sara strongly believes that quality specialist psychological services are well worth the money, but that the costs to the clients are not equitable in the available mental health care systems. She believes that ALL people should have access to expert psychological services, not just those who have the money to pay for it or the ability to wait many months to be seen in the NHS/government provided mental health services. Sara therefore set out to create a service that could provide specialist care to individuals unable to pay the fees and to those who live in rural/disadvantaged communities where access to specialist services is limited.


So how do we make this possible? That’s where the ‘cooperative’ part comes 

in: As a value driven company, we have chosen a simple business model that is 

transparent and works in collaboration with our clients. With our cooperative 

model we place equity and quality of service over profit. By charging a 

standard rate for specialist psychological services, you as the client get both a 

great value service and also contribute to providing therapy for those less 

fortunate and in need of specialist psychological services. TNP believes that 

profit is not the be all and end all and so we operate on a slimmer profit 

margin so that we can do our part to reduce the inequity in mental health care 

services, while also filling the gaps where the NHS struggles to meet the 


How it works: We dedicate a large portion of our practice to providing affordable services by giving 10% of all fees paid to TNP to providing therapy for people from low income and disadvantaged communities. We commit to providing these services, with 15% of our therapy slots dedicated to people who are financially or geographically less fortunate.


Our Values

At True North Psychology, we are passionate about helping people and communities thrive. Our mission is to bring compassion and understanding to mental healthcare, and to make it accessible to everyone. We are dedicated to providing access to care that is ethical, based on the latest research and evidence-based practices, and upheld the highest international standards.

Via the True North Psychology (TNP) platform, our team of professionals provide individual and group psychotherapy, as well as family and relationships therapy to people around the globe. Additionally TNP offers supervision of psychologists and other health professionals, mentoring, training, and consulting services for research projects, organisations and businesses. Additionally we work closely with community groups and NGOs.

The True North Psychology business is build upon and driven by our values of compassion, integrity, sustainability and community.

Our Story
Our Values


Bringing compassion to our therapy clients, businesses, and communities. We lead by example and focus on providing care and consideration to the needs of all others, applying a non-judgmental approach and leading with curiosity, empathy, accountability and courage.


 Promoting integrity in the science, teaching and practice of psychology. In doing so we act always to uphold honesty, fairness and respect for all others while using ethical practices that are theory-driven and evidence-based.

Supporting environmental and social sustainability and actively minimising our carbon footprint by providing a virtual platform for accessible psychological support. Furthermore, we aim to provide a meaningful work-life balance, support self-care and caring for one-another to support and sustain the health and wellbeing of our staff.


Building a sense of community by applying a multi-level strengths-based perspective, empowering and collaborating, showing respect for human diversity, collective wellness and social justice. We collaborate with clients and other social and healthcare professionals (e.g. working closely with doctors- with your consent) to provide holistic care.


Meet The Team

Dr Sara Tookey

PhD, DClinPsy, MA, BA, CPsychol (BPS), Registered Clinical Psychologist (HCPC)

Founding Director, Clinical Psychologist & Existential Psychotherapist

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Special interests: Existential crises and life-transitions; Cancer support & Palliative Care (including End-of-Life care); Grief & Loss; Integration following profound experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness (including psychedelic integration); Gender, sexuality & relationship diversities; Neurodivergence


DClinPsy, BSc, Registered Clinical Psychologist (HCPC)

Clinical Psychologist

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Special Interests: Trauma; PTSD; work stress and burnout

True North Psychology, Affiliated Psychologist

DClinPsy, PGCert, BSc (Hons), Registered Clinical Psychologist (HCPC)

Clinical Psychologist

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Special Interests: Depression & Anxiety; Sleep difficulties; Substance use; Integration following profound experiences, and altered states of consciousness (including psychedelic integration)

Meet the Team

The Clinical Psychologists' Hub

We are an active member of a well developed Clinical Psychologists Hub, which we use to refer clients who may be more suitable for a different service. We can refer clients directly to psychologists within this specialist network, based on client's individual needs (e.g. child psychological therapies, ADHD assessment services). All Clinical Psychologists are trained to doctorate level, maintain up-to-date full registration/licensure to practice and are vetted prior to acceptance onto the referrals list. The list includes recommended non-English speaking psychologists.

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Clinical Psychologists Hub
​Professional Memberships & Registrations

Our Professional Memberships and Accrediting Bodies

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