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Psychology Consultancy 

Welcome to TNP, a leading psychology consultancy that offers bespoke commercial services to enhance business and organisations’ staff wellness and development programmes, clinical practice, work-related projects, or research studies. We specialise in applying psychological theory, research, and clinical practice to a wide range of professional settings.

TNP can provide the guidance and expert advice you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals. 



Specialist Areas:

  • Staff Wellness Programs: Bespoke programs aimed at improving staff wellness, mental health, and resilience. These programs often involve workshops/webinars, coaching, and training sessions for employees and managers.

  • Clinical Practice: Collaborating with companies to provide staff with the mental health support they need. Can include discount therapy packages for staff members. 

  • Training and Development: Training and development programs for professionals in different fields, including healthcare, education, and business. These programs may include workshops/webinars, courses, and coaching sessions aimed at enhancing skills, knowledge, and performance.

  • Compassion framework in the workplace: Development of compassionate leadership in the workplace, and staff support programmes based on the compassion-focused therapy model 

  • Research Projects: Consulting service for research projects related to psychology and related disciplines. Services may include research design, data analysis, and interpretation, as well as report writing and publication support.

  • Organisational Consulting: Bespoke organisational consulting services to businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organisations. These services include leadership development, team building, conflict resolution, and change management.

  • Supervision and Mentoring: Provide supervision, reflective practice and mentoring services to psychologists and other health professionals. These services aim to enhance professional development and ensure high-quality practice.

  • Psychedelic-assisted Therapies Advising & Consultancy:  Advising on psychedelic research and industry, providing training and developing psychological protocols and manuals based on the latest research in the field of psychology and psychedelic therapies.

  • Public speaking engagements: Public presentations and talks on areas of specialisms, including psychedelic-assisted therapies, psychological support in cancer and palliative care, existential psychotherapy, clinical psychology, general mental health, sex, gender and relationship diversities. 


Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Webinar:

Coming Soon... (register your interest by clicking the button below, and receive more information about this training and have access to early bird booking discounts)


This training is being provided for members of the general public or mental health professionals who are interested in learning about psychedelic experiences and how one can psychologically prepare for, manage and integrate a psychedelic experience. This training takes a harm-reduction approach to support the safe and legal use of psychedelic substances. 


We do not offer psychedelic-assisted therapies, or access to any illegal substances. The use of psychedelic substances is currently illegal in the UK. Please do not contact us with requests for illegal psychedelic assisted work. We do not offer help for you to locate psychedelic-assisted therapy, guided sessions, sitting, or retreats. 

For more information on psychedelic integration support services see our Psychedelic Integration page.

Psychedelic integration
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