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COMING SOON - Autumn 2024 - Adult ADHD Assessment and Therapy Offerings

Dr Sara Tookey

1 May 2024

TNP's Adult ADHD Psychologist-led, Neurodiversity-Affirming & Trauma-Informed Assessment and Therapy Offerings

True North Psychology (TNP) is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our Adult ADHD Assessment and Therapy Offering. Our Psychologists at TNP are dedicated to providing compassionate, neurodiversity-affirming and trauma-informed assessment and support for individuals navigating Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

We will soon be offering Adult ADHD diagnostic assessments and therapeutic support for people seeking clarity and support along their ADHD journey (pre-diagnosis, during the diagnostic and assessment process and post-diagnosis). Psychologists at TNP are committed to empowering individuals with the knowledge, resources, and personalised care they need to thrive while managing ADHD symptoms effectively.  

"Our team at True North Psychology is passionate about providing holistic, ethical, and individualised care for adults with ADHD," said Dr. Sara Tookey, Founder and Director at True North Psychology. "We aim to create an inclusive, accessible, and compassionate diagnostic experience where clients feel seen, heard, and valued as individuals, not just numbers on a list - like we see in some of the larger private adult ADHD assessment services. We pride ourselves in offering evidence-based neurodevelopmental assessments for adult ADHD, informed by the Nice Clinical Guidelines (NICE), with an approach that integrates post-diagnostic support directly into the diagnostic process. This ensures that our clients receive ongoing guidance and resources to make informed decisions and access the care they need to meet their unique needs."

True North Psychology invites individuals seeking clarity, understanding, and effective management of Adult ADHD to stay tuned for the official launch of our assessment offering Autumn, 2024. For more information and updates, please visit our news page or contact us

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About True North Psychology: True North Psychology is a platform where experienced licensed Clinical Psychologists offer psychological services, specialising in neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD. With a team of experienced psychologists and a commitment to compassionate, trauma-informed care, True North Psychology empowers individuals to navigate their mental health journey with confidence and resilience.

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